Thursday, June 03, 2010


Posted for One Powerful Hour challenge - I Love that Color But Never Use it

I love a lot of colors, and I use them and also the ones I don't love that much, in my work, and there is no one color that I can say I don't like (although I don't like neon colors).
If you look at my work, It is usually either very colorful or monotonous.

I tried to think which of the colors I love don't get as much representation in my work, and I choose orange, the much loved son of Red and Yellow.

Here in a simple collage made on an old picture I took while touring in Austria, big spreads of orange shows how strong and effective it can be while staying warm and friendly.


  1. I do like orange, so happy to see your artwork. Looking great!!

  2. very cool bridge and what you did with the image's to bring them together

  3. Ah orange...another color I hardly ever use and ever time I see it used I love it...Great piece!

    Thanks for joining us at One Powerful Hour

  4. This is great!! love the splashes of warm orange and the turquoise :)



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