Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Wedding Proposal

I created this comics years ago before my wedding,
and thought it is a good opportunity to post it here for the Crazy Amigo Challenge - Wedding.
Here is the translation:
The Wedding
What fairy tales forgot to mention
It was supposed to be just like in fairy tales.
The prince was supposed to arrive on a white horse,
neel on one knee and ask for the princess hand...
But in reality it was a little bit different.
The princess wore trak pants, washed the dishes
and was thinking of a diet,
and the prince was just about to take out the stinky garbage.
...And then he asked if it will be ok to get married in August
between the summer exams.
I couldn't say no, it was the best time.
And after all, he is a real prince, He took out the garbage!

The cat say: What did you expected?
I would never have let them to get a horse into the house.
And what the girl on the bottom of the drawing say is:
We are out of dish soap.

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